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Choreographing A Routine Can Be Fun

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07 10th, 2013

If you love to dance, find a local dance school in your area and sign up. Dancing is for every one of every age and you will find a dance school that offers the exact form of dance that you would love to take. Whether you would like to try tap, jazz, ballet or even hip hop, there is a dance class that is just waiting on you to join them. Maybe you’d prefer to take something more like ball room dancing or salsas dancing, go ahead, and join a dance class that can offer you all of the latest dances available. You’ll love how much fun you have and how exciting it is to be able to dance correctly. Perhaps you’d like to learn the polka or learn square dancing; there is a local dance school in your area that is ready to teach everyone these great dances. It’s the perfect way to get out and mingle with others while you learn a new move or two. You are going to love the way that learning something new can make your life so much more interesting. Learning a new dance is going to open a lot of doors for you. Check out shows on DirectStar TV to see what you can learn!

Learn To Waltz At Your Local Community Center

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05 16th, 2013

If you are someone who loves the idea of swanning onto the dancefloor with a partner in tow, you will find that you need to learn more than the grade school hold and sway maneuver! More and more people are getting interested in dance as a form of exercise and self-expression, and one fantastic dance to start with is the waltz.

The waltz originally comes from central Europe, and it is one of the most common dances used in period movies and plays. It is an elegant dance, but Read the rest of this entry »

The best reality dancing shows on TV

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03 25th, 2013

Dancing shows are one of the latest trends in reality TV to take America by surprise. Millions of viewers tune in each week on Direct TV to watch the cut-throat dancing competitions that rival other talent competitions like “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent”.

The two biggest names in reality dance TV are “Dancing With The Stars,” and “So You Think You Can Dance?” The first features dancing couples composed of one novice A-lister and one professional dancer. The goal of the competition is to get the highest votes from the judges each week to remain safe. Next, it is in America’s hands to vote for the couple they want to see until the end. This immensely popular dance show often airs twice a week for a total of 3-4 hours of airtime. The professional dancers are recognized world-wide as the best in their trade, and help new dancers achieve extreme results in a short period of time. The training process is so grueling that some stars have even sworn by “DWTS” as their weight-loss regiment.

The other hugely watched dance show is “So You Think You Can Dance?” which puts armature dancers on the spotlight. The contestants are put through an audition, then through a choreography round before even receiving a ticket to Las Vegas. Next, they go through an elimination process to get the top 20 dancers. Finally, it is up to America to vote each week for their favorite acts and determine the ultimate winner. Unlike “DWTS” these dancers have passion and talent that is brought to light in a once-in-a-lifetime competition for most. Their passion radiates in each performance as they all fight for the title of “America’s best dancer.”

These reality TV shows are not only captivating for dance enthusiasts, but they will even draw in curious bystanders. Both shows push their dancers to the ultimate limit of their physical capabilities, often asking them to do tricks and stunts that would never be performed live. They offer everything a good reality TV show should with great entertainment, suspense, laughs, tears and nail-biting finales.

Become A Dancer With These Simple Steps

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07 23rd, 2012

In order to become a dancer, the first thing one will need to do is decide what style of dance they will want to learn. Once the individual has decided on the specific dance style or styles they wish to become proficient in, they will need to acquire basic equipment in order to practice the style. For instance, if the individual wishes to learn ballet, they will need to acquire a leotard, ballet shoes, and Read the rest of this entry »

The Easiest Way To Ease Into Dance

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07 11th, 2012

Dance comes naturally to some people and for others it is a little harder to move to the beat and feel the rhythm. Anyone can learn how to dance but the key is to not attempt anything that is too difficult at the start. One of the most difficult types of dance is ballet so it may be more encouraging to start with an easier style of dance until the basics are mastered. Some easier styles of dance Read the rest of this entry »

Win Big In Dance Contests

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06 28th, 2012

Many nightclubs have events that allow you to win big in dance contests if you are the best dancer. If you enjoy dancing, you can win great prizes including cash or other fun prizes at your local clubs. Imagine how much fun it would be to be able to tell all your friends how you were the best dancer in an actual competition.

It takes some skill to win big in dance contests. If you are serious about it, you might want to take some lessons. Or, if you have natural talent, you might Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Exclusive Clubs In America

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06 15th, 2012

Lots of people go clubbing all the time. Clubs are big business. They have big cover charges and they make lots of money on alcohol. The average person that goes to a club will usually be in the company of others that work regular jobs and make regular pay. There is another level above that of the average club goer, however, that is now getting lots of popularity. This is the exclusive club scene that is usually reserved for celebrities.

It is no secret that celebrities Read the rest of this entry »

The Hottest Nightclubs In New York

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06 3rd, 2012

New York is an amazing place. The city is full of life and everyone is always on the go. When the sun goes down the city transforms and becomes the ultimate place to party and have a great time. The city is filled with lively nightclubs. Club goers can dance the night always while enjoying music and drinks. Here are some of the hottest nightclubs in New York.

1. Cielo
This is one of the top clubs in the city. Located in the Meatpacking District, Read the rest of this entry »

Dance To Lose Weight Fast

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05 31st, 2012

There is definitely a real association between dancing and losing weight. There is no doubt about this. People that are able to dance on a regular basis will see a tremendous difference in their weight.

This was once a reason that people used to justify excessive partying. Individuals that liked to party would say that they were only trying to maintain a healthy weight. This has changed, however, because lots of people are dancing in their homes. This has a lot to do with the assortment of dance games on the market.

Dancing to lose weight Read the rest of this entry »

Dancing Is A Great Form of Exercise

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05 28th, 2012

If you are looking for a fun way to stay in shape or shed a few pounds, you may want to consider adding dancing to your daily routine. Doing a few fast pace dances will help you get your metabolism moving and also help you burn some calories.

All you have to do is pick a few of your favorite upbeat songs and dance around your living room or den. It won’t take anytime and you’ll have worked Read the rest of this entry »

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