Bacolod’s Crown Jewel – The Ruins at Talisay, A Stately Marvel


Nestled amidst the lush, sun-kissed fields of Talisay, Bacolod’s crown jewel, The Ruins, stands as a testament to both the opulence of a bygone era and the enduring spirit of resiliency. This stately marvel, often referred to as the Taj Mahal of Negros, is not only a physical embodiment of grandeur but also a symbol of love, loss and the indomitable human spirit. The story of The Ruins begins with Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a sugar baron whose heart was as expansive as his wealth. In the early 20th century, he built this imposing mansion in loving memory of his Portuguese wife, Maria Braga, who tragically passed away during the pregnancy of their eleventh child. Don Mariano’s love for Maria was eternal and he intended to immortalize her memory with a mansion that would echo his undying affection. The Ruins, therefore, is not just an architectural masterpiece, but also a love letter etched in concrete and stone.

As one approaches this architectural gem, the silhouette of The Ruins appears almost mirage-like against the backdrop of the Bacolod sky. The mansion’s neoclassical design is characterized by imposing columns and intricate floral embellishments that adorn its facade. The building’s aesthetic grandeur is heightened by the golden hour when the setting sun casts an enchanting glow, making it a prime spot for photographers and romantics alike. The sprawling gardens, complete with a lily pond, further enhance the ambiance, creating an oasis of serenity and a beautiful contrast to the mansion’s dignified presence. The tragic history of The Ruins adds to its allure. During World War II, as Japanese forces occupied the Philippines, Don Mariano’s mansion became a target for destruction. To prevent it from falling into enemy hands, the valiant decision was made to set the mansion ablaze.

The Ruins now stands as a testament to both the glory of its past and the resilience of the people who continue to cherish it. The mansion’s skeletal remains have been meticulously preserved and restored, transforming it into a cultural and historical gem. Today, The Ruins is not merely a tourist attraction but a venue for special events, a museum of history and a gathering place for those seeking a glimpse of the past. The Ruins brings to life an era marked by elegance and its story serves as a poignant reminder of the indomitable human spirit, able to rise from the ashes of destruction, just as this magnificent mansion did. As Bacolod’s crown jewel, the ruins at Talisay are more than just a building; it is a living testament to love, loss and resilience. Visitors come not only to admire its architectural splendor but also to pay homage to a love that transcended time and to celebrate the unwavering spirit of a community that never allowed its history to crumble into oblivion. It is a place where the past speaks to the present, a place that stands as a reminder that even in ruins, beauty and resilience endure.

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