Customer Survey – The Key to Optimizing Customer Satisfaction


The fact of customer satisfaction is in the eyes of the beholder the customer. The sooner we realize and accept our customers’ perceptions of our products and solutions as reality, and take it as our challenge, the sooner we will earn their confidence and become their permanent supplier of choice.

Customer survey

Customer connectivity represents a set of business processes touching all aspects of the corporation. Customer satisfaction is a good deal more than the clichés getting close to clients and the motto the customer is always right. Since some companies sell to various clients with varying and even conflicting desires and needs, the objective of becoming close to the clients, and the motto that the customer is always right, are rather obscure.

Successful business leaders go beyond those clichés and try to provide their chosen customers with goods and services under the company philosophy of consumer connectivity. Because different customers have different needs, a company cannot effectively satisfy this broad assortment of needs equally. The main strategic decision in the pursuit of consumer connectivity is to decide on the most significant customers.

All clients are important, but some are more significant than others. Collaboration among the various purposes is important if pinpointing key target accounts and market segments by searching on This done, sales people know whom to call on first and most often, the men and women who schedule production runs understand who gets preferred treatment; people who make service calls understand who rates special attention.

If the priorities are not made apparent in the calm of planning meetings, they surely will not be when the earnings, production scheduling and support dispatching procedures get hectic. Customer connectivity begins with client choice however, the next Phase is equally as important. Company executives must obtain a comprehensive comprehension of their customers’ buying influences and their relevant needs.

Such customer information has to be communicated with these executives beyond the sales and marketing purposes and allowed to permeate every company purpose – the R&D and design engineers, manufacturing and quality individuals and field-service specialists. When these technologists, by way of instance, get unvarnished feedback on how customers use their products, they could better create improvements on the products and the manufacturing processes.

Customer connectivity must be based on team dynamics and commitment. Serial communications, when one section passes an idea or request to a different routinely, without interaction cannot build the group dynamics and dedication required for customer connectivity. Successful new products do not, by way of instance, emerge from a process where advertising sends a set of specifications to R and D.

But joint design and development decision-making and reviews, in which client and provider functional and divisional men and women share ideas and discuss alternative solutions and approaches, leverages the various strengths of each party. Strong internal and external relations create new product development communications clear, coordination powerful and dedication high.


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