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As you may or may not know, Deacons are strong artifacts found throughout the SWTOR world that may provide you bonus characteristics when you collect them can provide you special Matrix Shards for constructing relics. The SWTOR Dataram themselves emit a bright and vibrant light so that it is not that difficult to see them. However, it is hard to find them and is often protected by strong guardians.

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There are 3 Datacrons to be found on Python that is the beginning planet for Jedi players. The trooper and smuggler players may access these Datacrons by visiting Python. For Empire players, Datacrons will be at another location but most are available only to Empire players, in precisely the identical manner Datacrons for Republic players for cheap swtor credits are largely only available to Republic players. The locations of the beginning Jedi Datacrons are:

Datacrons Location 1 – X:-32, Y:-100, Z:-35

On English maps, the Datacrons Can is located south of the F in Flesh Raider Territory. Jump into the water and move up north where you will see a cave X: -29 Y: 14 Z:-30. This cave will then direct you to a brief passageway where you will get the 1st Datacrons in the end of it. This Datacrons will reward your personality with endurance.

DaTacrons Location 2 – X:-643, Y:-70, Z: 35

To locate this Datacrons, you may need to visit the far northwest region of the Jedi Ruins, also referred to as the Ruins of Kaleth. Climb to the highest point and you will notice a huge fallen column that you can run across it. As soon as you have run up the pillar, you will be on a grassy cliff overlooking the ruins. The Datacrons place is to the north and you should be able to see the pinkish glow from the space. This Datacrons will reward your personality with willpower.

Datacrons Location 3 – X:-90, Y: 920, Z: 93

Head down the Forge and input the open area called the Forge Remnants. Proceed up to the point where the streets seem to converge and then go west. You will see a couple of Flesh Raiders standing around what seems to be a dead-end but if you see closely enough, you should see a little opening in the wall that results in a hidden grassy place. Proceed along the path southwards and then back east. Keep going past the concealed entry and in the end, you will notice a solid Flesh Beast guarding the Datacrons. This Datacrons will reward you with a blue matrix shard.

For matrix shards, you may require a Matrix Assembly to build them into 3×3 Matrix cubes so you can obtain strong moods. Should you ever have to disassemble a Matrix block, then you will have to access that is powered with a Reconstructed Disassemble Core. The core itself prices 20,000 credits, so be careful what you put in the matrix cube.

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